From the La Sucursal Group we want to offer our clients the best possible experience. To fulfill that purpose why try to facilitate the booking process in each of our restaurants. By giving the highest volume of reservations and the smallest number of tables available in the restaurant, we have implemented a new reservation system that allows us to guarantee the maximum number of experiences. Thanks to that system our customers are not left without the possibility of enjoying of our services.

How can I reserve a table in our restaurants?

It is be required to book via form or telephone. The gastronomic experience in one of our restaurant is your choice.

In case the reservation is greater than four people credit card number will be requested as a guarantee will be carried out correctly. Reservations can only be made in two ways:

-Without our online booking system 24 hours: www.grupolasucursal.com/reservas/

– By calling one of the following:

Vertical – (+34) 963 303 800

La Marítima – (+34) 610 915 141

La Sucursal – (+34) 963 746 665

Malabar – (+34) 677 725 321

Coloniales Huerta – (+34) 963 348 009

Can I cancel my reservation?

YES, you can cancel your reservation at any time through the link of the email you received when you requested your reservation with no extra charges. Please note that cancellation can ONLY be made up to 24 hours prior of the time and date of your reservation.

What happens if I do not attend my reservation?

From the Restaurant chosen by the La Sucursal group we always double check each reservation, sending an email to all our customers to confirm their attendance. Another email is also sent with in 48/24 hours before the date and time of your reservation for the final confirmation. In case of not attending after having confirmed the reservation, the minimum price per guest will be charged.

Can I modify my reservation?

If it is for the same date, you can modify your reservation with 24 hours in advance for fewer guests with no extra charge. Otherwise you will be charged the minimum amount per guest. If you want to increase the number of guests, you can do it until the same day of the reservation by phone, as long as sits are available. We will modify it without any problem.

When is my reservation confirmed?

Once you make the reservation through our website you will receive an email with the confirmation. If it is not accepted, you will be notified by email and a refund will be made within 24/48 hours prior to the date and time of your reservation. You will also receive an email that will allow you to cancel your reservation. In case the cancellation is within 24 hours prior to your reservation the amount paid for the tickets will not be refunded. If you prefer to do it over the phone, we will ask you to confirm all your data, possible allergies and your credit / debit card to confirm your purchase of the Ticket. Being this the same procedure as for our website.

Is my reservation confirmed?

NO, it’s only pre-confirmed. Within a period of 24/48 hours, you will receive an email where you will be confirmed if your reservation was successful.